Review: Del Real Foods Heat-and-Serve Dishes

I’m not generally a fan of pre-cooked packaged foods. I’m picky in a way that makes most of these products fall far short of what I like to eat–and what I like to serve to my family. I prefer scratch-made, authentic food without the chemicals and additives that most processed packaged foods are burdened with. That said, there are times when I’ve used ready-made products on a whim (shopping hungry gets me every time) or by necessity (barely enough time to eat, let alone cook) and have been pleasantly surprised.

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Handana Review


Maybe it’s just me, but I find running, regardless of climate, to be a damp sport. Which is why I was pretty interested when I came across the Handana. The lovely folks who make this sweet little product were kind enough to send me a tester (in the pic I’m wearing extra-small in red, which fits my child-size hand perfectly.

The Handana is one of those products (like the Furminator and chewing gum) that you don’t necessarily know you need until you learn it exists….