Manuscript Review

What I do:

I will read your manuscript cover to cover and prepare  a detailed critique comprising suggestions for improvements as well as affirmations of the project’s strengths.

Why hire me to review your manuscript?

You may have plenty of volunteer readers among family, friends, and writing-group buddies, but how objective are they really? Not only do I have over two decades of experience as an editor with some of the best-known publishing houses in the world, but I’m also a published author. I will read your manuscript and provide you with a detailed written critique (5 to 10 pages) that is objective, honest, sensitive, and constructive. Included in the price of the review is a follow-up e-mail exchange to help you clarify any questions you might have once you’ve received my review.

My rates*:

Proposal packet (query letter, synopsis, and first 3 chapters; 50 pages max): $100

Manuscripts (includes written critique and follow-up e-mail):

  • Up to 250 pp–$250
  • 250 to 300 pp–$275
  • 301-350 pp–$325
  • 351-400 pp–$375
  • 401-450 pp–$425
  • 451-500 pp–$450

Follow-up phone call to go over review: $100/hr

*Rates based on 250 words per typed page, 12-pt type, double spaced.