Questions for Runners

573c1bc3b2592c207f0f16bca7d69f56Almost all the runners I know like to talk about themselves–that is, about their experience as a runner. When was the last time you sat around with a group of runners and DIDN’T discuss your past injuries, awesome races, awful races, that time on your run when you were seized with the absolute need to locate a Port-a-John STAT and there was no relief in sight? We all do it, share our stories–it’s part of being in a community of like-minded others. 

So here’s your chance to share your tales of woe and wonder over the interwebs! Grab a coffee, a beer, or an electrolyte beverage and weigh in. Below are 5 questions we love to discuss. Answer in the comments below and share, if you’d like!

1. Worst running-related injury?

2. Favorite pre-race and post-race eats?

3. Favorite race and why?

4. Achievement/PR you’re proudest of?

5. Favorite running-related quote?


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